How did mysurvivalrations come to be?

Each Christmas and New Year like nearly everyone else I stocked up with vast amounts of food and drink to celebrate and enjoy.

All well and good until January 1st when the new year resolutions kicked in and pledges of diets, dry January applied. An aversion to anything rich and decadent overwhelmed.

I had noticed that the week after the holiday celebrations every year turned into a whole clean-up operation. Emptying fridges. Stuffing freezers and due to the excesses of the preceding weeks throwing out random stuff or keeping it and then not using it.

It struck me that that times like this the amount of food waste must be huge. At first appearance the food that was usable and in date seems to be a random mix. Gammon, sprouts, nuts, bacon, parsnips, sausage meat, baby gem lettuce, puff pastry and the like.

Rather than simply go out and buy more but different food I decided to do an inventory.

What did I actually have in my cupboards. Tins, jars and packets. In the freezer. vegetables, fish and meat.

I realised I am fortunate. I have more than I ever thought. All it needed was some creativity and imagination.