Sea bream with Fennel

On a slightly too warm evening minimal effort on the kitchen is needed. Grilling outside is fine but after a hard day is more work.

Easy as anything is this dish. Skin on filets of Sea Bream, Sea Bass or other meaty white fish are ideal. I guess any decent firm fleshed midsized fish filet will be good here. In the USA Red snapper, Drum or Redfish would be good.

Really simple.

Heavy baking tray. Oven onto about 150 degrees. Slice thinly some fennel bulb. Throw in some cherry or baby plum tomatoes. A sliced onion. some sliced potatoes (could par boil or microwave if you want to be soft). Throw on some lemon quarters and a handful of capers

Toss the lot in olive oil.  Put the fish filets on top skin side up. Scatter with Maldon or a coarse salt. One glass of white wine into the pan. one into a glass and enjoy.

Sea Bream with Fennel
Sea Bream with Fennel

Into the oven uncovered for 30 mins.

The wine will steam the fish and cook the veggies.

Serve with a side salad and good bread to mop up the juices.

(does it need saying that a bottle or 2 of good crisp white wine might work well here…!)

SeaBream with Fennel, capers and tomato
SeaBream with Fennel, capers and tomato

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