January 5th Saturday

Starting the first weekend in January. The 5th  is the day that the decorations should come down and a great day to start.


I’ve done Dry January from the 1stand feel better for it. Managed a couple of weeks last year so should be interesting. Today I threw away an open box of mince pies and have a couple of boxes of chocolates and biscuits that I will give to the food bank.

I haven’t done a stock take of my cupboards yet as I think that will be required later.

I know I have pasta and a variety of cans, jars, packets and boxes of non-perishable stuff.

My freezer is full to the point of drawers hardly closing.

I think the focus is on the perishable side of things.  I also don’t want to waste anything. I am intrigued how long I can survive on this stuff that I have.

Recipe today is going to be easy and healthy.


Chicken breast with kale, bacon and brussels sprouts


1 defrosted skinless chicken breasts

Handful kale

5-10 brussels’s sprouts roughly chopped

3-4 rashers of bacon chopped into small strips


Grill or Pan-fry the chicken (I use a rapeseed oil).

Steam the kale.

When chicken cooked set aside and then pan fry the bacon and then add the chopped sprouts.

Toss in the drained steamed kale.

Serve in a bowl with the chicken sliced on top.

(can add other stuff you have in store: top the chicken with spice mix, put chestnuts into the sprouts, chilli sauce on the chicken etc)

(I did a quick calc and this is about 600kCal if you are counting).


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