Sunday 27th January

Still not been shopping. Honestly! Ok. I have eaten out a few times and  I’ve been traveling for a few days.

But I’ve not restocked.

So its a month out almost.  I’ve got a few carrots and some celery that have held up.

The freezer is getting depleted. Time to empty the bottom shelf – rest of my game. Mallard, pheasant and pigeon. All breast meat. Limited stock.

Wild duck and pigeon can be liverish. Mixing 50:50 with white game (rabbit would also be good). game is low fat so add some bacon or belly pork.

A bit of sweet and sour is required to make it delicious.  Here it is marmalade and pickled onion.

Other sour options would be Red wine, balsamic vinegar, borretane onions, citrus (duck and orange), sour cherries, verjus….

The sweet could be a pinch of sugar, a spoon of honey or a splash or port/madeira…

Game stew with farro and kale

Game casserole (Stew)


2 x pigeon breast

2x mallard  breast

2x pheasant breast

bacon lardons

4 carrots – peeled and cut big

1 stick celery – chop in 2

Pickled onions – 6-8 cut up into 1/4s

Stock ( I used up some Xmas turkey carcasse stock)

Herbs (bay leaves, thyme and woody herbs e.g. marjoram, rosemary, oregano)

To finish


Grain mustard


This is a slow cooker/crockpot dish.

Large dice your meats, throw in your lardons, carrots and celery, chopped onions and herbs.

Add stock ( I had roast turkey and some trotter gear).

4 hours on low should do.

ladle off the liquid and let the meats rest. Skim off the fat and then reduce in a frying pan with a spoonful of marmalade and a teaspoon of grain mustard.

Stir the whole lot together.

Serve with some steamed kale and mash potato or my favorite is boiled farro (spelt) which works really well.

(Could add cream and serve over rice as stroganoff with mushrooms but no need really.)

Mallard, pigeon and pheasant casserole







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