Black bean chilli

Black beans are ubiquitous in much of Latin America. Breakfast through to supper its hard to find a meal without them in some form.

Once you eat them its easy to see why. Rich and earthy. Robust but not as thick skinned as their red kidney shaped cousins they make a great base for a wholesome chilli.

Black bean chilli

A veggie version could be made but this one calls on chunks of beef (shin is good although stewing steak is good).

The slow cooker is really suited to making this easy. Its a make it up with what you have type dish. Definately some Chopped onion, and garlic. Chopped bell pepper and celery if you want. Fry gently and soften till sweet. Set aside. Brown the meat to get a bit of flavour. deglaze the pan with a jar of passata.

Add all back into the slow cooker or casserole and add some spices. Chipotle in adobo is perfect if you can get some. If not dried chipotles are fine. a teaspoon of smoked paprika is a reasonabl substitute but gives it a bit more of a spanish flavour.

For heat the chipotles may be enough but as its slow cooked this is great use of those crazy hot chillis. I like habaneros although I have used dried ghost and naga chillies for a big heat hit. Soak in hopt water for 30 mins if using dry chillies.

Fresh peppers are great in this but I tend to add later to enhance the fresh zing and in particular fruity character they give.

I cook on low for 3-4 hours until the meat seperates with a fork.

At this point add the black beans if using tinned I tend to rinse then although you can add the tin juice if you wish. If using tinned I use the Biona organic although i often use dried beans that I pressure cook in the InstantPot.

Another hour and its ready to serve. Straight up in a bowl with a blob of sour cream, chopped spring onion greens, chopped tomatoes and chopped chillies is my preference.


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