Ox hearts

Searching the net there seems to be lack of good recipes. Even hitting the books. Can’t find much.

The balance of fast searing and long braise seems to be up for debate.

I’ve got no doubt in this. It’s a marble free meat. The texture is tight. It’s a very hard working muscle.

It needs a quick cook. Too much it’s gonna get tough. Cook for hours you may be lucky but there is no collagen to melt in there. It’s solid protein. Too much work and it’s gonna get cramp!

It’s generally described as bland liver – which is not good- to tasteless rubber – worse.

So we have :

1. A meat that needs quick cooking

2. A meat that needs a little help to bring out its best

For me that shouts Chinese flavours. Seared in a rich, sweet, umami sauce.

Let’s add Chinese mushroom soy sauce. Pinch of sugar. Pinch of dried red chilli.

Stir fry with a bit of garlic and ginger.

2-3 mins max.

Serve as a bowl with stir fried leaves, kimchi, chopped spring onions, some steamed noodles or rice.

I like this hot – chopped scotch bonnets but any chilli will enhance things



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