Wednesday 16th – Sausage Pasta

Sausages are a wonderful creation. For what is in essence a method of disguising, filling out and using up scraps of meat (or blood) that would otherwise be wasted it is amazing that the sausage is a staple of so many people.

Around the world countries all seem to have their own take on the sausage – from the meaty french toulouse, through the hearty south african Boerwors to the American Hotdog. The variety of sausages is vast and whilst the german boast a range of furters and wursts the biggest choice is for the great British banger which can be found in a wide selection of meats, flavours, styles and shapes.

Some of these are clearly copies or inspirations from afar. Chorizo and merguez styles being obvious. Others are classics such as the herby Linconshire or the wonderful peppery Cumberland.

One of my favorites though is to use a classic plain pork sausage and turn it into a classic italian sausage pasta sauce.

Italian Sausage Pasta



Traditional pork sausage

small onion chopped

tinned chopped tomatoes

garlic, crushed

dried chilli flakes

crushed fennel seeds

coarsely ground black pepper



Remove the suasage meat from the casings. mix in abowl with the chilli, fennel and pepper.

In a heavy casserole/Pan fry the onion in some oilive oil until soft and golden.

Pinch off small “meatballs” from the sausage meat. About 1-2cm diameter ideally. and fry meatballs until they brown.

Pour over the tomatoes and allow to bubble vigourously whils gently stirring to prevent anything sticking but not breaking up the sausage balls.

add a pich of sugar (optional but always good with tomatoe sauces)

Reduce down until sauce is rich and thick.

Cook the pasta (spaghetti or taglietelli is good although penne/rigatoni probably better)

when cooked (al dente) drain the pasta but retain a few table spoons of the pasta cooking water and stir into the sauce. This will loosen the sauce but also enrich it.

add the pasta to the sauce and stir in.

Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh grated parmesan








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