Saturday 19th Jan – lemon sole

Never been a fan of flatfish. I like fish with a bit of body. Flatfish I always want for a mouthful rather than the picky little bits. I guess in reality Halibut is a flatfish but the filets are so big it doesnt count.

For this reason the lemon sole in the freezer has been there a couple of months. An awkward shape taking up more space than it deserved.

Looked for a few ideas online to inspire but as with most fish simple seemed the best option.

Baked lemon sole 


1 lemon sole – skin on, cleaned


Simple. Oven at 200C. Oiled baking tray. make a cut down the spine (lateral line). Scatter some capers and their salt over the fish. In oven for 10mins. Done


Serve with a lemon and a side of buttered or creamed spinach



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