January 6th – Sunday

I do 16:8 intermittent fasting so not having breakfast. I’ve done 16:8 for a while. I’ve never been a big breakfast eater and usually just a cup of tea then get hungry mid-morning.

Interestingly with 16:8 as a discipline I tend not to start being aware of feeling hungry until it is getting close to 16 hours. Discipline and routine are pretty important. It interests me that in the comfortable western world where we have food at arm’s reach we get hungry, tired and grumpy within hours of eating yet much of the world works hard labour on maybe two meals a day if they are lucky.

Well its Sunday and one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is to indulge in a bit of foodie creativity. Maybe get some cook books out. Come up with a plan. Create a culinary masterpiece or at least practice a new dish, cuisine or technique. This would involve heading to the shops and searching for some new or exotic ingredients.

Today I am in the mood for getting my Kamado Joe Smoker going and cooking up some beef short ribs.

I had four in the freezer and took two out yesterday. On a normal weekend I might have gone and bought some other meat and “saved” these for a bigger BBQ with guests. These are nice ribs. Bought them at the wonderful farmshop on the Gloucester services on the M5. If you’ve not been try either Gloucester or its sister Tebay high up the m6. Great local produce.


So how should I do these ribs?

I have traditionally smoked slow and low. Simple. i will write this as I go along.

Smoked Beef Short Ribs


Beef short ribs

Salt (I use Maldon)

Black pepper or a dry rub of your choice (I use Salt Lick’s rub from Texas)


Liberally salt the ribs all over on a plate  in the fridge let your meat get some air.

This is important to allow the meat /salt interaction that will subsequently become magic with the smoke and heat.

Get the smoker to around 250-275degF. I set up with 2 ceramic heat guards and the grills as standard. I use three probes with the EasyBBQ thermometer.


Thats kind of it for a bit. if the Kamado is set up properly it should hold at 250-275F. the meat will gradually heat up and then stall.

As expected the meat hit a stall at about 2-3 hours in. temp about 168degrees F. Sat through it and an hour and a half later crosses the 170 mark and heads to 180degF.

I wrapped and added some beef stock to the foil package.

Gave it another hour and then rested about 40mins (it was getting late).

Could have ripped of the bone caveman style but trying to stretch things out so served sliced on a sandwich with mustard, pickles and a leaf of baby gem lettuce.

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