My Survival Rations Journal 2019

I live alone so this may be somewhat unique and less applicable to the demands of those that have non-compliant children (although it may be a learning experience) or family members with illness but for couples and single living people the rest is excuses.

As a food enthusiast I may also have more in my stores but I have a small kitchen with a stand-up fridge freezer so I don’t think I am that much an outlier!

There will be rules but these are just mine. I think this can be adapted in many ways.

I will eat out at times. This will be as I would normally and not to string out the challenge. I am in a busy job and also trying to lose some weight with this (starting weight is 210lbs/95.2kg]. I will try to cover all meals from this but occasions may require something to be bought for lunch etc where taking food from home is not practical.

What about beg, borrow and stealing?

I don’t recommend it but its your experience. If you were really in this situation would you turn down offers of help?

Apart from all that I am wondering how long I can go without shopping – 2 weeks? A month? Longer? I doubt it will be more than a month.

I suspect it won’t be long until I am needing or wanting something.

I have looked through what I have and it looks exciting. I have not stocked up beyond what I had in routinely and what was left over from the holidays.

As for fresh stuff I have a vegetable drawer with some basics – a few potatoes, carrots, a leek and some celery. I have onions and apples. A bag of sweet potatoes which are a few weeks old now.

I’ve got half a loaf of bread and few bits of cheese and charcuterie in the fridge.

The freezer is a voyage of discovery. There is lots in there. I use a vac packer so most is identifiable but there are some Tupperware tubs of unlabelled stuff, some bags and boxes of other stuff. I am sure these will become important in the next few weeks!

My cupboards harbour all sorts of non perishables. Cereals, flours, pasta, grains, sauces, pickles and chutneys.

I could plan the whole things and have a scientific method but this is not my usual way. I am a semi-impulsive cook. I cook what I have a taste for. sometimes I have a taste for things days in advance. Sometimes it is simply what I fancy when I get home and a improvised dish comes from the ingredients at hand.

I wonder what the next few weeks will brings about…

I will journal my meals with brief recipes, comments and reflections.

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