Pig cheek Tacos



This one is sooooo easy and cheap.

Pig cheeks are amazing beautiful bits of meat that are foolproof with the aid of a slow cooker. This recipe makes a jerk style sauce with the fruity scotch bonnet and sweet potato. Use a mild chilli or paprika as an alternative if you don’t want the heat. Chipotles in adobo would be another great option. In fact thats what im gonna try next time!

I have a small 1.5 litre slow cooker but double the ingrediants as required.


3 pig cheeks (defatted)

Finely diced white onion

garlic 2 cloves

1 diced sweet potato

1 scotch bonnet pepper sliced

bay leaf



Put it all in ten slow cooker and top with about 1 pint water.

Cook on low for about 4-6 hours.

Thats it.

If its too soupy transfer to a pan and reduce down.


Serve as tacos with some shredded slaw or as here with spring onions, red cabbage kimchi, sriracha mayo and a chopped scotch bonnet pepper