Wednesday January 9th

Doing pretty good. Stores still look good. I dried out the vegetable drawer in the fridge and put in fresh newspaper every other day. The veggies are looking ok. A half bunch of celery is looking a bit droopy. Will need to think up a use for that.

img_7660I soaked a couple of cupfuls of dried Pinto beans for 24 hours. cahnged the water a few times.

Simply boiled them. No salt. No veggies. They took a while longer than I thought – probably 2 hours to soften. When they did I simmered them doen until they were a thickish beany sludge. about the consitency of mashed potatoes.  Salt and pepper and they are deliscious. Creamy and rich.

Had about half a smoked short rib left from the weekend. Took the fat off and sliced the meat into bit sized chunks.

I used the fat I had removed from the ribs and rendered it in a frying pan. Threw away the crispy fatty “scratchings” that were left (they are delicious but wont assits with the January weight loss …)

Fried up the rib pieces and served up on top of the beans. Scattered a chopped red jalapeno (still got a few on my plants), a few home pickled jalapenos and some finely chopped red onion.

A sprinkle of chilli salt and a great dish from very little.

(I reckon the calories are about 400kCal – boiled pinto beans are good!)




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