Adventures and Travelogue

“People will travel anywhere for good food – it’s crazy”  Rene Redzepi

If the best chef in the world thinks its crazy it may be so but lets go back. Back to our earliest ancestors. Why did they move?

They moved to find food. The hunter gatherer spirit of our earliest forebears motivated them. Maybe for survival or maybe for variety. The zest for food that is demonstrated by tribal communities is fascinating. We may have lost the contact with the earth, the hunt, the dig, the thorns from foraging but we still have a spirit to hunt out variety and quality.

We are capable of producing nutritious balanced and perfectly survivable drinks and foods that need no thought or effort but we have that deep spirit that craves the equation of:

good food = happy

The following pages encompass the drive to travel and experience different places and people through their food and drink.

Please enjoy and be inspired.

low angle photo of airplane
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