Wild Mushrooms

Dangerous topic. Dangerous subject. Wild mushrooms are one of those russian roulette ingredients. Most of us would not be confident to go out and forage for them. The fear of organ failure, hallucinations and many other horrors generally keeps us safely away from going down this route. We have to trust in others and be grateful that our foraging is limited to uncovering a plastic box at the store.

Often these “wild” mushrooms are cultivated and there are instructions on how to do this on the internet .

Wherever you aquire them from there are so many ways thay can be used although they can get lost in some dishes. Probably my favorite wild mushroom (apart from the truffle) is the morel. Poulet de Bresse with a cream and morel sauce may be a death row meal!

Fresh Morels are not easy to come by but many supermarkets have a mixed selection of mushrooms. These ususally have a mix of japenese named ‘shrooms such as Shiitake, Eryngi (king oyster), Maitake, Shiro Shimeji, Enoki, and Buna Shimeji.

To bring out the best of these in both texture and taste my favourite way is simply saute with garlic and parlsey and serve on toast. A topping of blue cheese such as dolcelatte really brings this up to a wonderful lunch.


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