Iberico pork

Lucky enough to have picked up some iberico pork.



The Blackfeet pigs that eat acorns in extramadura produce the wonderful hams of Spain.

Personally I am a bigger fan of the fine grained fat marbled Spanish cured jamon iberico than Italian air dried ham. Prosciutto is amazing, iberico is the next step.

So the pork not used for hams is out there.

Most doesn’t get out of Spain but Waitrose has the fantastic Unearthed shoulder of pork in small portions.

This pork isn’t what you think of pork. First it’s a dark pink meat.

It’s marbled with fat. It looks like wagyu beef.

This is shoulder so should be tough and need slow cooking. I’m told it can be sewed like steak.

I have a steak method locked down. I have a dedicated pan. Cast iron. Seasoned.

I’m treating these like steaks.


This isn’t standard pork. Iberico has a wonderful fat marbling that melts.


Very hot pan 350c

Sear fit 1-2 mins

Lots of salt and pergola sone other seasoning — a rub/sprinkle or splash