Saturday 12th Jan – week 1

End of the 1st week. The sell by dates are all going out now.

Ate the last of my sourdough with some mushroom pate which was on the brink.

Overall the 1st week has been interesting. I’ve not had to shop and normally on a weekend I would be planning some inspired dish from a TV or book inspiration.

Instead I am looking at what I’ve got and where it will stretch out to.

My concerns of running out of fresh produce are not yet realised.

The bottom shelf of my fridge still looks fairly healthy. I have a decent onion stash left.

Carrots and Kale still looking ok. Few brussels left. A red cabbage. I had 1 1/2 celery bunches and one is looking very unhappy. I will have to use that today.

Freezer has hardly been touched and is still pretty full.

I’ve found a few cartons of UHT long life milk so tghat should tiude me over.

I am missing yogurt so may use one to make some.

Apart from that things are looking good for another week – will have to get creative with the veggies as they will start to deteriorate soon.

carrots food fresh freshness
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