Friday 11th January

End of the week! As its dry January I will treat myself with some ginger Ale!

I have a few bottles of squash, juice, cans etc so holding up on the alternative drinks front.

So whats for dinner? (I had the remaining Pinto beans with some chopped ham and more pickled jalapenos – thats the end of the home pickled ones although I have a jar or two of store bought ones for Tacos).

Late in from work but I had defrosted some Cod from the freezer.

Its friday so fish seemed appropriate. This was Waitrose Cod Saltimbocca. looked interesting so I had bought it and put it staright in the freezer. Forgotten about it.

Defrosted it looked a littel boring so teamed it up with chopped stir fried Brussels sprouts with chorizo.

I put some Rapeseed oil on tyhe cod and it took on a golden colour in the oven.

The sprouts and chorizo are a fine match. sprouts should be available more of the year. I may try to grow some for next winter. the tops are good too.




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