A world tour in your city

I have always wondered why people spend so much time travelling and then gushing about how good this or that was. Often the experience won’t be authentic and even if it is its probably not the best.

the most passionate people about their food and culture are ex-pats. Exhiles and migrants want something to hang on to. they want their identity and their history.

In my city (as in most) there is a vibrant and exciting melting pot of global culture. This includes food. Within a short uber ride I can “visit” all the continents and delve into mind blowing tasting experience that I doubt I could find without a world tour.

I think this concept will get expanded as the adventure continues but my mind is racing at the thought of persian biryanis, afghani kebab, south indian Dosa, punjabi curries, bangladeshi prawns. Across to sichuan exotica, handmade noodles, cantonese classics, japanese sushi, street food vendors with tacos styled from SoCal to the texmex border. Tennessee style fried chicken, Cuban sandwiches to ropa viejo.

How about markets and stores. There may be a call for brexit but the availability of Turkish and Eastern European, African and Asian ingredients is expanding.

Ask yourself  “How far can I go on a culinary journey within a few miles of my doorstep?”

You may be suprised. N

anise aroma art bazaar
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

o jet lag. No queues. No passports. All foodie adventure.




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